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Ambassador Projects

In 2022, the Ambassadors have provided the park with an additional digital sign/snack bar menu at the Beach Snack bar. The also provided the park with a large showcase display located in the Howe House Visitor Center. 

In 2021, an underwater Webcam and holiday lights for the park Gazebo were provided. In July of 2021, the ambassadors donated a Side by Side ATV for the park. 

In the Spring of 2019, the Ambassadors hired a contractor to make Gazebo repairs.

Playground engineered wood fiber chips In 2018, the Ambassadors provided the park with engineered wood fiber chips for the park’s two playgrounds. The engineered wood fiber replaced the much denser and less forgiving landscaping mulch. 

In 2018, the Ambassadors provided the park with two digital signs located at the Park Office and at the Water’s Edge Meeting Facility/Gift Shop. The signs cycle through a variety of information for park visitors.


Accessible Fishing Platform In 2017, the Ambassadors funded and installed an accessible fishing platform located at the park’s Marina.

The Ambassadors lend a hand and help provided several of the park’s special events and music throughout the year. 

Claytor Lake State State Park Ambassadors Side by Side Project
Beach Menu
Claytor Lake Underwater Camera
Claytor Lake State Park Fishing Handicap Accessible

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